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Top 5 Eco-Friendly Fitness Trends for 2023

As we step forward into 2023, tread lightly and mindfully, for fitness is embracing Mother Earth like never before! This year, the realms of health and sustainability fuse in exciting ways, paving the path towards “Eco-Fitness”. Intrigued? Dive into the harmony of wellbeing and planet care that these emerging eco-friendly fitness trends exemplify. Welcome to ...


The Top 8 Green Gym Equipment for 2023

Imagine walking into a gym where every step on the treadmill, every pedal on the bike, and every pull on the rowing machine is actually helping to power the facility. Welcome to the future of fitness, where going green doesn’t just mean carrying a reusable water bottle. As we dive deeper into the ‘green’ revolution ...


Joe Holder

Top 9 Eco-Friendly Influencers to Follow

In the era of social media, fitness inspiration is just a swipe away. But in a sea of fitness influencers, have you ever wondered how many align their health goals with the well-being of our planet? If a sustainable future is as important to you as a sustainable physique, you’re in for a treat. This ...


The Eco-Friendly Athlete: How Sports Can Contribute to Sustainability

Picture this: stood at the crossroads of competitive sport and environmental sustainability, each athlete faces a significant question – one which extends far beyond individual performance and delves into global impact. Can they, as athletes, play a critical part in the pursuit of an environmentally balanced world? You might be quick to jump to conclusions, ...


Outdoor Workouts: The Eco-Friendly Fitness Trend

Lacing up your shoes for a run on the pavement, flowing through a yoga sequence in the park, or challenging yourself with a boot camp-style workout on a sandy beach—as you indulge in these outdoor activities, have you ever considered how they might just represent more than a simple shift in environment from your conventional ...


Sustainable Activewear Brands to Support

As we lunge into a new era of conscious consumerism, fashion is no stranger to this green revolution. Picture yourself hitting an early morning Pilates class, drenched in sweat, your heart pounding exhilaratingly: but what if I told you your trendy sports bra and yoga pants could be champions of sustainability? Behold the intersection of ...