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Top 9 Eco-Friendly Influencers to Follow

Eco-Friendly Fitness

In the era of social media, fitness inspiration is just a swipe away. But in a sea of fitness influencers, have you ever wondered how many align their health goals with the well-being of our planet? If a sustainable future is as important to you as a sustainable physique, you’re in for a treat. This article peels back the curtain on those who are not only transforming their bodies but are also making eco-conscious choices. From diet plans that reduce carbon footprints to workout regimens that honor Mother Earth, meet the trailblazers who are merging fitness with environmental stewardship. Their stories might just spark the next step in your health journey – a step that favors not just you, but the world we share.


In the midst of a quick hip flex and the sound of a reusable water bottle, the fitness industry has emerged as a leader in environmental consciousness. Fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and casual gym-goers alike are increasingly adopting the ethos of ecological stewardship and sustainable living, modifying their habits to coincide with the green movement. What entity is driving this profound transition? The eco-friendly fitness influencers who continually redefine the definition of ‘fitness’.

Let’s initially underscore the relevance of eco-friendliness within the fitness realm. Sustainability now is not just about replacing plastic with compostable materials or substituting animal products with a plant-based diet. Currently, it encapsulates everyday decisions – from choosing ethically-sourced workout gear to committing to zero-waste exercise regimens. The fitness sector, once considered a sphere for physical enhancement, has now transformed into a platform to extol environmental sustainability.

Conversely, this trend also mirrors a universal yearning for genuineness. Millennial and Gen Z fitness enthusiasts are contesting the traditionally hyper-consumerist, environmentally harmful fitness industry norms for a more minimalistic, resource-saving and hence honestly ‘healthy’ lifestyle. Eco-aware fitness influencers, armed with their responsible disposition and digital know-how, are at the forefront of this movement.

Influencers operate as intermediaries between the public and the burgeoning eco-fitness revolution. Through their extensive social media influence, they are informing, encouraging, and inspiring individuals to embrace workout ethics rooted in both personal health and environmental well-being. By demonstrating their personal eco-friendly workout regimens, responsible fitness apparel, and plant-based nutrition, they provide followers with concrete, practical examples of fitness infused with environmental awareness.

Making use of the trust placed in them by their followers, these fitness influencers are instigating considerable change within the fitness sector. Whether debunking misconceptions about plant-based nutrition, uncovering the dark side of fast fashion, or showcasing low-impact home exercises – they highlight an environmentally friendly fitness routine as accessible, appealing, and achievable.

In vibrant clarity, the emergence of eco-conscious influencers signifies the onset of a new era in fitness. An era where personal health and broader factors of planetary resilience align harmoniously. As you embark on a journey towards environmental mindfulness in fitness, these influencers provide a guiding light. After all, to quote renowned fitness mogul Jack Lalanne, “Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together and you’ve got a kingdom.” Eco-friendly fitness influencers are prepared to lead you to a kingdom ruled by ecological consciousness.

Top 9 Eco-friendly Fitness Influencers

In our progressive landscape of health and wellness, a new era of influencers has taken flight – those who spark passion for fitness, while also advocating for sustainability and environmental love. Let’s delve into the top 9 eco-friendly fitness influencers to follow:

1. Joe Holder

Introduce yourself to Joe Holder, an individual quickly becoming a well-known name within the niche of eco-conscious fitness. Holder isn’t just a fitness influencer. He is a trailblazer in sustainable fitness, using his comprehensive understanding of the intersection between human health and environmental preservation to promote a methodology to fitness that benefits both our bodies and the Earth.

Unlike most, Holder differentiates himself with his undying devotion to our planet. Utilizing his platform, he supports fitness practices that minimize our carbon footprints, effectively shaping a new sub-category in the fitness sphere known as ‘Eco-Fitness‘. He is a vocal advocate for the use of eco-friendly fitness equipment, champions working out outdoors to conserve energy, and emphasises the potential environmental impacts of our dietary habits. His structured fitness regimes aim not only to help you reach your physical peak, but also to protect our planet’s integrity, a dual goal he skillfully accomplishes.

Holder’s emphasis on sustainable fitness though isn’t his sole charm. His profound understanding of the human body and fitness, born from his solid foundation in sports science, is invaluable. As a certified Health and Wellness consultant and a Biology graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, Holder offers scientifically grounded yet readily applied fitness advice to his large audience.

Perhaps Holder’s most stunning quality, however, is his unwavering sincerity. Whether conducting an aerobics class in sustainable workout gear or sharing an image of his organic, plant-based post-workout meal, Holder emanates authenticity and motivates others with his approach. He’s not just pushing fitness; he’s advocating for a lifestyle that combines fitness and sustainability, leading us to consider participating as well.

In a time when fitness appears so entwined with over-consumption and harm to our planet, Joe Holder’s perspective is a breath of fresh air. He reminds us, through each workout, that our decisions have consequences – for our bodies and for our world. By joining Joe Holder on his fitness journey, we are not just offered an avenue to better our health, but a chance to contribute to the betterment of our planet too.

2. Outdoor Voices

Say hello to one of the top eco-friendly fitness influencers, Outdoor Voices. In a world threatened by climate change, Outdoor Voices stands out as a forward-thinking company that smoothly integrates fitness and sustainability. For those invested in both personal health and environmental preservation, Outdoor Voices deserves immediate follow.

Pioneering a fresher approach, Outdoor Voices has revolutionized traditional activewear. The brand acknowledges the severity of climate change and believes in combating it through conscientious design choices. By selecting sustainable materials and implementing eco-friendly manufacturing methods, they craft activewear that is stylish, top-notch, and earth-friendly.

Their innovation shines through in their use of eco-friendly fabric obtained directly from eucalyptus pulp. Paired with recycled polybag packaging, their products come guilt-free from start to finish. They extend their sustainability efforts to limit the use of harsh dyes, significantly reducing pollution usually linked with activewear production. Continuously, they relentlessly search for additional measures to minimize their environmental footprint.

Outdoor Voices uses their platform for increased impact by promoting activism, inspiring their extensive community towards a mix of fitness and sustainability. They firmly stand by actions resonating more than words. They orchestrate various social and community events fostering fitness and environmental awareness.

Their mantra, “Doing Things”, embodies more than just words. It signifies a directive—a directive encouraging the pursuit of fitness in an environmental-friendly manner. “Doing Things” fuels every decision the company makes and each move their followers take.

So, if fitness is your passion, environmental preservation your concern, and Outdoor Voices not yet on your radar—it’s high time you stepped in. Follow them today, become part of their eco-aware ‘Doing Things’ community, and contribute towards a healthier Earth.

3. Dominique Drakeford

One name that is consistently highlighted in the realm of eco-friendly fitness influencers is Dominique Drakeford. Making significant waves in sustainable wellness, Drakeford has become an inspiration for those keen to embrace a healthier and more eco-conscious lifestyle.

With a unique overlay on wellness, Drakeford intertwines the traditional understanding of fitness and health with our inherent duty towards Mother Earth. She passionately advocates for an eco-friendly lifestyle that doesn’t drain our planet’s resources, presenting herself from the standpoint that a healthy planet aligns with healthy bodies.

Drakeford’s key strength lies in her ability to strike a balance between sustainability and wellness. Each content post she crafts serves two purposes – to raise awareness about the negative impacts of unsustainable practices on our world, and to spur her followers into action for change. Rather than just voicing concerns, she is committed to fostering a community of change-makers.

Drakeford embodies her message. She showcases her vast knowledge of sustainable alternatives, focusing on a range from workout accessories to dietary choices that boost your health and reduce environmental harm. Drakeford also emphasizes the importance of mindful consumption in everyday life. Her genuine reviews on eco-friendly brands assist followers to make knowledgeable decisions.

She has built a strong online following due to her dedication, but more notably, it’s her concentrated approach to holistic and sustainable wellness that’s made her the preferred eco-friendly fitness influencer for many. Drakeford is living proof that it’s entirely possible to be fitness-focused and eco-conscious simultaneously.

For those who aspire to blend their fitness journey with eco-friendly practices, Drakeford’s content is a priceless asset. Her sagacious guidance will reshape not only your perception of fitness but also your role in preserving the sustainability of our planet.

By following Drakeford, you’re not just observing a fitness influencer – you’re joining an eco-warrior on a mission to transform the world, one eco-friendly workout at a time. As the adage goes, “Green is the new black”. With committed influencers like Dominique Drakeford at the helm, the prospects for eco-friendly fitness are looking brighter than ever.

4. Manuela Baron

Clearly, the presence of Manuela Baron within the eco-friendly fitness scene shines significantly. Fondly called the “Girl Gone Green” by her followers, Manuela’s commitment to responsible living and sustainable fitness is awe-inspiring and influential.

The seeds of Manuela’s journey into ecological consciousness sprouted from organic, self-driven curiosity, yet it has bloomed into an influential platform that instructs and motivates thousands. Brought up in the vibrant city of Miami, she perfectly melds the thrills of urban life with a profound love for nature. Her goal is to catalyze a powerful shift in how people view their fitness routines through an environmental lens.

A quick glance at Manuela’s Instagram will expose a vast collection of digestible eco-friendly fitness and lifestyle tips. Her selection of yoga routines set against breathtaking natural scenery, the sustainable beauty products she promotes, her plant-based recipes, and her zero-waste living advice all demonstrate a dedicated strategy towards blending fitness with eco-conscious actions.

Manuela’s commitment inhabits her professional life as well. Working with revered environmental organizations and leading sustainable brands has increased her influence, earning her recognition and praise. She uses her platform to encourage eco-conscious partnerships and raise funds for various environmental causes.

But her commitment to the environment surpasses her online persona. In Miami, her hometown, Manuela actively organizes local clean-ups, setting an excellent instance of utilizing one’s influence beyond the digital world.

Manuela Baron serves as evidence that the fitness industry can encourage an active, healthy, sustainable lifestyle rather than contribute to waste. The integration of eco-friendly habits into a fitness routine has morphed from a trend to an obligation, with ambassadors like Manuela leading the charge.

Keeping an eye on influencers like Manuela Baron doesn’t simply enhance your fitness journey. It also makes you aware of the considerable effect each person can have on the environment. Therefore, if you’re in search of eco-friendly fitness motivation or interested in leading a more sustainable life, Manuela could be the perfect start for your exploration.

5. L Outdoor Girl

Number five on our list of leading eco-friendly fitness influencers is L Outdoor Girl. Her unique blend of fitness strategies and dedication towards the environment sets a new standard in the online space, promoting outdoor activities that go beyond traditional fitness routines.

L Outdoor Girl has sculped a strong influence on the fitness industry, focusing on environmentally friendly outdoor activities that not only help keep the shape but also establish a powerful connection with nature. She works tirelessly to highlight the significance of a healthy lifestyle while fostering a deep understanding of our interface with our surroundings.

Her dynamic presence on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube is truly a sight to behold. You can see her conquering mountains and biking through scenic trails, all while sharing actionable knowledge on why preserving our natural habitats is essential. Her contents— a blend of energetic workouts and awe-inspiring views— effortlessly integrate fitness and environmental advocacy.

What sets L Outdoor Girl apart from others is her passionate rally, urging followers to partake in her outdoor workouts. This approach promotes fitness and builds a community united by their shared love and respect for the environment. The shared experiences, workouts, and discussions on her social media platforms spark a vital discourse about environmental consciousness within the fitness landscape.

Her inventive approach to aligning personal health aspirations with environmental conservation has garnered a devoted following. The unique fitness techniques she offers, which are mindful of the natural environment, her commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle, and her sincere dedication to promoting a fitness lifestyle rooted in nature, make her an influencer worth your follow.

L Outdoor Girl is more than a fitness influencer; she’s a source of motivation, adding value to how we perceive our health and environment. She underscores the concept that by taking better care of our environment, we are consequently caring for ourselves, representing the epitome of a holistic approach to wellness – a principle that epitomizes what it means to be a distinguished eco-friendly fitness influencer.

6. Rich Roll

The fitness and eco-friendly audience cannot afford to miss Rich Roll. This bestselling author and ultra-endurance athlete has carved an impactful niche in the spheres of fitness and environmental consciousness with his vegan lifestyle and relentless dedication.

Hailing from California, Roll overcame his battles with drug and alcohol addictions by seeking refuge in fitness and plant-based nutrition. He’s now hailed for his accomplishments, like competing in the Ultraman World Championships and EPIC5 Challenge, and for his endorsement of sustainable living.

Rich is a prominent voice for plant-based nutrition, demonstrating that supreme fitness levels are achievable without relying on animal-based diets. He stresses that veganism isn’t merely about personal health but also plays a significant role in decreasing carbon footprints.

His podcasts, spanning interviews with super-fit individuals to discussions on veganism’s environmental implications, tackle intricate issues. His long-form dialogues frequently move past fitness into areas of mental health, personal development, and eco-friendly conversations.

Being a part of Rich Roll’s community means joining a movement that advocates the individual’s capacity to bring about self and global changes. For those committed to environmental consciousness, attributing importance to fitness and health, and ready to adopt a lifestyle transformation, Rich Roll is a must-follow.

“Finding Ultra”, his bestselling book, reinforces our inherent extraordinary potential. Filled with inspirational messages and unshaken self-confidence truths, it strongly reiterates that no obstacle is insurmountable.

Engaging with Rich Roll’s content doesn’t solely offer captivating content; it offers a chance to participate in a worldwide conversation about personal health, environmental consciousness, and conscious lifestyle choices . Clearly put, Roll provides a plant-based, sustainable approach to fitness that inspires worldwide transformation.

7. Zero Waste Store

The Zero Waste Store is causing waves in the fitness industry and for all the right reasons. In an industry that’s often associated with waste, this pioneering movement is leading the way for eco-friendly fitness. Their influence goes beyond mere mentions and is certainly worth a follow.

Not only is the Zero Waste Store an advocate for sustainable fitness products, but they also highlight the importance of education in reducing carbon footprints. They offer an impressive variety of eco-friendly fitness gear and accessories, ranging from recycled workout clothing to biodegradable yoga mats. Their mission? To promote a lifestyle that incorporates fitness without inflicting damage on our planet.

One of the main reasons to keep tabs on the Zero Waste Store is their abundance of practical tips and tricks for an eco-friendly gym routine. Whether you’re contemplating switching to reusable water bottles or considering green cleaning solutions for your workout equipment, they’re advocating for transformative changes.

Additionally, the Zero Waste Store deeply displays their commitment to the environment through their business model. A portion of their sales is allocated towards supporting eco-conscious initiatives, which goes to show that they don’t just preach about environmental conservation. Indeed, every sale is a step towards a more sustainable world.

The fitness industry needs more innovators like the Zero Waste Store to disrupt the cycle of waste production. Their role isn’t just about highlighting the environmental issues that the fitness industry causes, but also about offering feasible solutions to bridge this gap.

The philosophy that staying fit and healthy should not lead to the detriment of our planet is personified by the Zero Waste Store. Their motto says it all: “Fitness is not just about building strength in your body, but it’s also about building strength in our community and planet.”

In the quest for a greener future, having influencers like the Zero Waste Store in the fitness industry make a huge difference. Following them will inspire you to maintain your fitness levels while contributing to the preservation of our planet. One small change can lead to substantial differences. Join forces with the Zero Waste Store to promote fitness that’s in harmony with the planet.

Following the Zero Waste Store extends beyond merely understanding how to incorporate sustainable practices into your fitness routine. It’s about joining a revolution that acknowledges fitness can also be eco-friendly. Anyone seeking to balance their fitness habits while minimising environmental harm should closely monitor the Zero Waste Store. Alongside exceptional eco-friendly products, they offer a refreshed view on what the future of fitness should look like.

8. Eco Warrior Princess

Eco-friendly fitness has one dominant name – Eco Warrior Princess. Established by Jennifer Nini, Eco Warrior Princess has become synonymous with sustainable and ethical living. Her dedication to fostering healthier, more compassionate and responsible lifestyles has helped her carve a significant niche as an influential eco-friendly fitness figure.

What makes Eco Warrior Princess an essential influencer to follow? The answer is straightforward. The grounding of her fitness and wellness approach is a deep respect for our planet. Her inventive workouts help individuals meet their fitness aspirations and develop a strong ecological consciousness.

By melding the realms of fitness and sustainability, she brings a distinctive allure. Championing physical wellness while advocating greener fitness gear alternatives, conscientious consumption and waste management is a challenging endeavor, yet, she accomplishes it with seeming poise.

Her influence reflects in the committed community she has nurtured. With every post, she motivates her followers towards positive change, whether that’s through the purchase of sustainable workout clothing, adoption of a plant-based diet or promotion of relevant environmental issues. Her actions speak volumes, showcasing that adhering to fitness goals and caring for our planet are not mutually exclusive.

In a nutshell, Eco Warrior Princess shines as a guiding light in the realm of eco-friendly fitness. Associating with her implies aligning wellness targets with larger goals of ensuring earth’s well-being. Her narratives imbued with environmental activism, her understanding approach towards fitness, and her dedication to sustainable lifestyle choices continue to motivate followers worldwide.

As you embark on your journey of integrating eco-consciousness into your fitness regimen, Eco Warrior Princess ensures a perfect blend of fitness inspiration and green intel. Be sure to follow her for a perfect mix of motivation, mindfulness, and deeper comprehension of how fitness intertwines with sustainability.

9. Morgan Mitchell

One name that stands out on the eco-friendly fitness scene is Morgan Mitchell. Morgan isn’t just your ordinary fitness influencer; she’s a green enthusiast with a solid athletic background and a mission to promote a sustainable lifestyle within the fitness community.

Born as an Olympian and specialising in the 400-meter event, Morgan Mitchell has shifted gears to create a unique blend of athletics and sustainability. She keenly advocates for sustainable practices in her training, nutrition, and overall lifestyle. With her, it’s all about maintaining an active lifestyle while minimizing the environmental impact.

She encapsulates her ethos in a simple but powerful statement – *”Fitness and sustainability may seem worlds apart, but they share a common denominator in that they’re about bettering yourself and the world around you.”*. These compelling words carry a profound message about the harmony between personal wellness and earth preservation.

Through her various social media platforms, Morgan shares an array of content – from her personal fitness routine and vegan diet to advice on eco-friendly products and practices. Her charisma and relatable content inspire her followers, offering not just sustainable fitness tips but also deep insights into environmental issues and our potential to contribute to a future that’s greener and more sustainable.

It can’t be denied that Morgan Mitchell has left a significant footprint in the realm of sustainable fitness. Transitioning from a remarkable athletic career to her current role as an eco-friendly fitness influencer, she stands as a shining example of maintaining an active lifestyle while staying environmentally conscious. Evidently, she represents much more than just a fitness influencer, she is a pioneering figure leading the march towards a more sustainable sports industry.

Being a part of her following doesn’t only make you a member of a fitness community, but an advocate of a green revolution, marching towards our collective well-being. If you are someone who feels a strong passion for fitness but also wants to make a positive environmental impact, Morgan Mitchell is one influencer you’ll want to keep an eye on. She’s a living testament that you can play your part for the planet and still achieve your fitness goals. The term ‘sustainable fitness’ may still be fairly new, but with influencers like Morgan Mitchell, it’s an emerging and promising trend.

More influencers to follow

1. Dominic Thompson. This inspiration, who transformed himself from a former convict to an eco-friendly champion and vegan sportsman, is a powerful voice in the sustainable fitness arena. He’s the mind behind the creative “Eat What Elephants Eat” nutrition scheme, and the force driving an eco-conscious fitness apparel line.

2. Morgan Mitchell. This Australian Olympic sprinter embraced a vegan lifestyle in 2014 and has remained steadfast. Regularly sharing her plant-based diet and running regime, she exemplifies how dedication to fitness and the environment can harmoniously work together.

3. Runtastic’s Lunden Souza. As a coach and personal trainer with Adidas and Runtastic, Lunden aims to pave a sustainable path. Whether discussing eco-friendly exercise gear or offering home workout insights to minimize gym pollution, her material quintessentially blends fitness and sustainability.

4. Rich Roll. A renowned author, vegan sportsman, and wellness warrior, Rich uses his standing to share his personal transformation and how he sustains his fitness level with environmental sensitivity.

5. Brendan Brazier. This former professional Ironman contestant and architect of the plant-based supplement range “Vega,” Brendan staunchly supports clean nutrition, sustainable existence, and physical fitness.

6. David Carter, the 300lb Vegan. Formerly a dynamic NFL player, David now uses his platform to instigate a dialogue about veganism and its consequential effect on personal and planetary health.

7. Kathryn Budig. More than a yoga expert, she’s a food and sustainability lover. Her focus? Promoting a lifestyle that nurtures both the body and our surroundings.

8. Roz “The Diva” Mays. An entrepreneur, personal trainer, and pole dancer, Roz utilizes her platform to broadcast her innovative fitness regimes and body-positive conversations, all the while endorsing sustainability.

9. Steph Davis. Embarking on the journey as a climber, base jumper, and a absolute vegan, Steph puts on display a life where extreme sports, diet, and sustainability intersect.

No longer merely the advocates of personal health, these nine personas represent fitness as a launchpad for individual growth, and the greater health of our world. Each is a powerful testament to the merger of fitness and eco-awareness, inspiring followers to chase fitness while being kind to the planet. Keep in mind, your personal goals don’t negate caring for our Mother Earth – with pioneers like these showing the path, the journey is likely to be a rewarding experience.


Stepping into eco-friendly fitness may seem overwhelming. Rest assured, you’re not alone. Let’s tackle some of the most frequently asked questions about eco-friendly fitness, its application, and its advantages.

Q: What exactly is eco-friendly fitness?Eco-friendly fitness revolves around the concept of minimising environmental impact while being health conscious. It includes various holistic practices: from preferring workout gear fashioned from recycled or natural materials, to opting for fitness regimes which cut down on waste and energy consumption, even to the extent of merging outdoor workouts with natural surroundings.

Q: Do eco-friendly fitness plans require extensive modifications to my current routine?No, not at all! Numerous eco-friendly fitness routines merely involve achievable tweaks to your existing regimen. For example, you could begin by choosing “greener” and more sustainable equipment or shifting your workout to the local park. It’s about making aware choices to be gentler on the planet, without compromising on your fitness aims.

Q: Are there real-world role models I can emulate in this journey toward eco-friendly fitness?Certainly! There are plenty of fitness influencers utilising their platforms to advocate eco-friendly and sustainable fitness. Following these influencers can provide you with tips, guides, and motivation, keeping you on track. In our upcoming sections, we highlight ‘Top 9 Eco-Friendly Fitness Influencers’ who are making an impact and encouraging others to follow suit.

Q: What could be the potential benefits of adopting an eco-friendly fitness lifestyle?Transforming to eco-friendly fitness routines is not only beneficial to our planet. It can also positively influence your mental and physical well-being. By using nature as a gym, reconnecting with the physical environment, and minimising dependencies on electric treadmills or gym equipment, you can enjoy fresh air, natural light and a sense of spiritual renewal that traditional gym environments often lack.

We’ve now covered the basics of eco-friendly fitness and how it can inject a new dimension of sustainability into your lifestyle. Though the journey may initially feel unfamiliar, remember that every little step toward a greener sports lifestyle matters! Before long, you’ll find yourself engaged in a fitness philosophy that benefits not only you but the entire planet too! Stay connected for our ‘Top 9 Eco-Friendly Fitness Influencers’ in the upcoming sections to aid your journey.

Keep in mind, the world of eco-fitness is merely a ‘follow’ away!

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